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09 June 2015 @ 02:32 am
life and stuff.  
I don't know. Life has just been... life lately. I work too much. This last week I turned down overtime twice (which I feel super guilty about doing). I'm usually the first to jump for overtime, but I am just so tired and drained all the time. Work and school has been killing me. I love school! I've been having so much fun taking classes and learning things. I feel smart for the first time in my life. But at the end of my winter term, and the first month or so of my spring term, I got really sick. I was fighting my first migraine headache. They ended up giving me a shot of something, and I had three different kind of pain killers by the end of it, and I just... We've been really understaffed at work. We were fighting with this manager. I had no problems with her, but other people did. I could see their point of views. I could. So that really dropped our morale in the department. We've been fighting with this for two months. And now we're heading into the summer, and we are understaffed. It's super hot during the day, and then everyone comes into the store out of the woodwork when it's cool at night, so then we feel the strain from that even more. I took Withdraws on all my classes this term from school. It will look better on my record than a fail, which is what I was going to let myself do. The writing teacher I had during my fall term convinced me that I should at least ask them instead of taking the fail. So I did, and both were happy to let me have the W's. I explained the situation, and they got it. They understand the juggle of school and work. Work, unfortunately, always has to come first for me right now. But financial aid will be fine from now on. They said I'll be on probation watch for my term, but as long as this doesn't happen again, I will have no problems. We are going to try and get my sister on disability. We applied once, and they told her she wasn't disabled enough, but we are going to try again, and fight it. People at work tell me that you have to fight it if you really want it. If she gets it, I might drop down to part time 20 hours again. I fought really hard for my full time hours, so I don't know if I'll really do that, but maybe once we get fully staffed again, I can occasionally give away a shift or two. I don't know. That plan is still for the future. It probably wouldn't happen for at least six months or longer, anyway.

I've been trying to get back into fandom stuff again. I've been playing around in The Flash fandom. It has been a lot of fun. My username pretty much tells you who my fave character is. But ever since I saw Wentworth Miller's Captain Cold, I've fallen in love with him, too. I've read some of Wally's Flash comics before the reboot, and he was the extent of my knowledge outside of the Young Justice comic books. I've really been into the New 52's Flash series. I even tweeted Grant Gustin about it once and he replied to me! That was cool, #notgonnalie. But ever since reading New 52's Flash, I've fallen in love with Cold. I want to know everything I can about him. I plan to get some of Geoff Johns' Flash stuff at a later time. I've been told he treats Cold very well in it.

I don't think I ever posted about it, but I went to WizardWorld comicon in Portland in January. It was the highlight of my life, and of my fandom career so far! I didn't meet any online friends or anything, but I got to meet some amazing actors that I love. I actually hate posting my picture online, but for this, I will. I had the Stephen Amell VIP pass. I was going to get my picture taken with Stephen and Katie Cassidy, but she had to cancel at the last moment for filming reasons, but they replaced her with Caity Lotz, which made my day, I won't lie. Sara Lance was one of the reasons why I kept sticking with Arrow. But then they killed her. :( I'm glad she will be back for the spin-off. During her panel, she said she had a project for the fall but she couldn't talk about it yet. I can see why! But it is so amazing.

I took these pics with my phone, so I am sorry for the bad quality! I never got around to scanning them into the computer. Some day I will!

And then there is this, my selfie with Kurt Busiek, who is my fave comic book writer, ever. He actually asked me if I wanted to take one. I normally hate selfies, but how could I say no that??

I also got to take my picture with some cosplayers at a special party we went to the day before the convention started. I probably wouldn't do it again, but we got to see Guardians of the Galaxy on the huuuuuge imax theater screen. And I got a picture with JDF in some group pics he posted to his facebook. Meeting JDF was one of the coolest things, because even though I am not really into Power Rangers anymore, it was once my childhood obsession. It was my first fandom online, and I finally got to meet him. Tommy was what got me into it. My mom had a daycare and the kids loved it, but I thought it was dumb, but we had to watch it anyway, because so many of them wanted to. So I was sitting on the floor with one of the boys, and the episode was on, and there was Tommy Oliver, the new kid. And that, we say, is history. He was my PR crush until Andros came along later. But it was amazing. No regrets.

I also met Brett Dalton, but I only got his autograph, and not his picture. I wish I had, but he was cool. I told him Ward was my fave after he became Hydra, and he agreed! He said before the Hydra plotline, he was bored. But he wasn't afterwards. Everyone was nice. You could tell everyone was getting tired by the time Sunday came around.

And this concludes my "random 2 am and I can't sleep" rambles.